Kristara Barrington


also known as:

  • Chi-Chi Ling
  • China Lee
  • Christie Barrington
  • Christine Barrington
  • K. Barrington
  • Kim Barrington
  • Kim Morgan
  • Kimberly Wong
  • Kimi Warner
  • Kirstara Barrington
  • Kistara Barrington
  • Kris Tara
  • Kristina Barrington
  • Kristra Barrington
  • Mai Nuygen
  • Mai Tai

western asian pornstar

porn/AV activity: 1983 - 1989

started at 18 years old | stopped around 23~24 years old

current age: 52 years old


birthplace: United States of America United States of America, Louisiana, New Orleans

astrological sign: Sagittarius

measurements: FR 86-61-91 (US 34-24-36)

cup size: C

height: 170 cm (= 5'7")

weight: unknown

blood type: unknown

tags: asian hall of fame


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as performer

233 movies in database for this female pornstar

title original title code studio distributor date
1001 Erotic Nights 2 VCA 1986-00-00
Adult 45 1 Dreamland Entertainment 1985-00-00
Afro Erotica 11 Wet Video 1987-00-00
All in the Family VCR 1985-00-00
American Dream Girls 2 Leisure Time Entertainment 1996-00-00
Another Kind Of Love LA Video 1986-00-00
Another Roll in the Hay Collector's Video 1985-00-00
Aroused Vista Video 1985-00-00
B.Y.O.B. Vidco Entertainment 1985-00-00
Baby Face 2 VCA 1986-00-00
Bachelor's Paradise Video Select Entertainment 1986-00-00
Back To Class 2 Dreamland Entertainment 1988-00-00
Backdoor Bonanza 2 Wet Video 1986-00-00
Backdoor Bonanza 8 Wet Video 1988-00-00
Backdoor to Happiness Unknown 1985-00-00
Backing In 1 Western Visuals 1990-00-00
Backing In 2 Western Visuals 1991-00-00
Bad Girls 3 Collector's Video 1985-00-00
Battle of the Stars 2 Now Showing Inc. 1985-00-00
Best Of Caught From Behind 1 Filmco Releasing 1987-00-00
Best Of Collector's Video Gourmet Video Collection 1986-00-00
Best Of Erica Boyer Wet Video 1987-00-00
Beverly Hills Copulator Traci Lords Company 1986-00-00
Beyond Desire VCA VCA 1986-00-00
Big Bang Wet Video 1987-00-00
Billionaire Girls Club K-Beech Video 1988-00-00
Bionic Babes Bossa 1986-00-00
Bisexual Action 2 Wet Video Wet Video 1991-00-00
Bitches in Heat 4 VCR 1988-00-00
Black To The Future Vidco Entertainment 1986-00-00
Black Valley Girls Dreamland Entertainment 1986-00-00
Blue Vanities 195 Blue Vanities 1993-00-00
Boobs Butts And Bloopers 2 Filmco Releasing 1990-00-00
Broadcast Nudes Erotic Video Network 1988-00-00
Cabaret Sin Standard Video 1987-00-00
Cara Lott's Deep Throat Aerobics Alpha Blue Archives 2007-00-00
Caught From Behind 3 Hollywood Video Filmco Releasing 1985-00-00
Chicks In Black Leather VCA 1988-00-00
China and Silk Masterpiece Video Masterpiece Video 1984-00-00
Circus Acts Essex Video 1987-00-00
Coming Together Caballero Home Video 1984-00-00
Country Girl AVC 1985-00-00
Crazy with the Heat 1 Cal Vista Metro 1986-00-00
Cumshot Revue 2 Unknown 1985-00-00
Cumshot Revue 3 Unknown 1988-00-00
Dark Side of the Moon Vidco Entertainment Vidco Entertainment 1986-00-00
Debbie Does Dallas 3 VCA 1985-00-00
Deep And Wet Vidco Entertainment 1986-00-00
Deep Chill VCX Atom 1985-00-00
Deliveries in the Rear 1 AVC 1985-00-00
Detroit Dames Dreamland Entertainment 1989-00-00
Devil in Miss Jones 4 VCA 1986-00-00
Diamond Collection Double X 9 CDI Home Video 1987-00-00
Dildo Babes Marlowe Sales 1986-00-00
Dirty Dreams Caballero Home Video 1986-00-00
Double Standards VCA 1986-00-00
Double Trouble Dreamland Entertainment 1985-00-00
Dr. Strange Sex Caballero Home Video 1985-00-00
Dream Girls VCA 1987-00-00
Ecstasy Girls 2 Caballero Home Video 1985-00-00
Educating Eva VCA 1985-00-00
Empire of the Sins Standard Video 1987-00-00
Endless Lust Unknown 1988-00-00
Erotic Aerobics VCA 1985-00-00
Erotic Penetration Filmco Releasing 1986-00-00
Erotic Starlets 6: Kristara Barrington CDI Home Video 1986-00-00
Eva's Secret Desires Unknown -
Every Man's Fantasy Island Home Video 1985-00-00
Every Woman Has a Fantasy 1 VCA VCA 1984-00-00
Finger Friggin' Marlowe Sales 1986-00-00
Fire in the Hole Gourmet Video Collection 1989-00-00
Firefoxes Caballero Home Video 1985-00-00
Flaming Tongues 3 Lipstik Video 1988-00-00
Flash Trance IVP 1985-00-00
Flesh For Fantasies Tamarack 1987-00-00
Formula 69 VCA 1985-00-00
Fortune Cookie Nookie Essex Video 1986-00-00
Foxy Lady 8 VTO 1987-00-00
Free and Foxy VCX 1985-00-00
Fucking Hitchhikers Hot 'n Hard 1989-00-00
Geisha Girls Marlowe Sales 1985-00-00
Getting L.A.'d Paradise Visuals 1986-00-00
Ginger Vivid 1984-00-00
Ginger Effect Vivid 1985-00-00
Girl Games Pleasure Productions 1987-00-00
Girls Girls Girls 1 Essex Video 1986-00-00
Girls Girls Girls 2 Essex Video 1986-00-00
Girls on Girls Essex Video 1995-00-00
Girls That Love Girls Caballero Home Video 1984-00-00
Girls Who Dig Girls 10 Wet Video 1989-00-00
Girls Who Dig Girls 12 Wet Video 1989-00-00
Girls Who Dig Girls 2 Wet Video 1986-00-00
Girls Who Dig Girls 3 Wet Video 1987-00-00
Girls Who Dig Girls 4 Wet Video 1987-00-00
Girls Who Dig Girls 8 Wet Video 1988-00-00
Girls Who Love Girls 1 Vidco Entertainment 1989-00-00
Girls Who Love Girls 15 Vidco Entertainment 1989-00-00
Girls Who Love Girls 2 Vidco Entertainment 1988-00-00
Girls Who Love Girls 6 Vidco Entertainment 1989-00-00
Give It to Me Essex Video 1984-00-00
Glamour Girl 1 CDI Home Video 1984-00-00
Golden Age of Porn: Kristara Barrington Gentlemen's Video 2005-00-00
Golden Girls 29 Caballero Home Video 1985-00-00
Golden Girls 30 Caballero Home Video 1985-00-00
Golden Girls Film 151 Caballero Home Video 1983-00-00
Grand Opening Atom 1985-00-00
Heat is On Western Visuals 1985-00-00
Heavenly Bodies Metro 1987-00-00
Hidden Fantasies Vidco Entertainment 1986-00-00
Hill Street Blacks Dreamland Entertainment Dreamland Entertainment 1985-00-00
Hot Bodies Ventura 1984-00-00
Hot Flashes VCA 1984-00-00
Hot Licks Essex Video 1984-00-00
Hot Sweet Honey Visual Entertainment 1985-00-00
Hottest Parties VCA 1988-00-00
Hottest Show In Town V.I.P. 1987-00-00
House of Lust Vidco Entertainment 1985-00-00
I Know What Girls Like Wet Video 1986-00-00
I Love a Girl in a Uniform VCA 1989-00-00
Insatiable Filmco Releasing 1988-00-00
Inside China Lee VCA 1984-00-00
International Battle of the Superstars Caballero Home Video 2006-00-00
Jailhouse Girls VCA 1984-00-00
Jane Bond Meets Octopussy Vidco Entertainment 1986-00-00
Jawbreakers Ventura 1985-00-00
Joystick Girls Classic Editions Video 1986-00-00
Jubilee Of Eroticism Collector's Video 1985-00-00
Kinky Business 1 Dreamland Entertainment 1984-00-00
Kinky Business 1 (new) Dreamland Entertainment 1987-00-00
Kiss of the Married Woman Western Visuals 1986-00-00
Kristara Barrington Collection Alpha Blue Archives 2005-00-00
Legends of Porn 2 Metro 1989-00-00
Lesbian Lovers 2 Marlowe Sales 1989-00-00
Lessons With My Aunt Showcase Video 1986-00-00
Limited Edition 27 AVC 1984-00-00
Limited Edition 28 AVC 1984-00-00
Lip Service Bikini 1987-00-00
Lisa Melendez Collection Alpha Blue Archives 2006-00-00
Little Girls Talking Dirty VCX 1985-00-00
Little Often Annie VCA 1984-00-00
Lonesome Ladies 2 Unknown 1985-00-00
Long Hard Nights Essex Video 1984-00-00
Loose Morals Filmco Releasing 1986-00-00
Losing Control CDI Home Video 1985-00-00
Loves Of Lolita VCA 1984-00-00
Lovin' Spoonfuls 1 4-Play Video 1987-00-00
Lust Bug Filmco Releasing 1985-00-00
Lust With The Stranger Masterpiece Video 1986-00-00
Lusty Adventurer Gourmet Video Collection 1985-00-00
Make Me Feel It Essex Video 1985-00-00
Naughty Nora Unknown 1985-00-00
New Wave Hookers 1 VCA 1985-00-00
Nice and Tight Tara 1985-00-00
One Night in Bangkok Caballero Home Video 1985-00-00
Only The Best Of Suzie Metro 1991-00-00
Oral Ecstasy 1 Wet Video 1988-00-00
Oral Ecstasy 2 Wet Video 1988-00-00
Oral Majority 4 Western Visuals 1987-00-00
Orgies Western Visuals 1987-00-00
Oriental Jade VCA 1985-00-00
Oriental Lesbian Fantasies LA Video 1984-00-00
Outrageous Orgies 2 Wet Video 1988-00-00
Outrageous Orgies 4 Wet Video 1988-00-00
Outrageous Orgies 5 Wet Video 1989-00-00
Passage To Ecstasy CDI Home Video CDI Home Video 1985-00-00
Peeping Tom Cal Vista Metro 1986-00-00
Perfect Fit Dreamland Entertainment 1985-00-00
Pleasure Party Coast To Coast 1985-00-00
Pleasure Productions 7 VCR 1984-00-00
Pleasure Productions 8 Mark IV Productions 1984-00-00
Pleasure Seekers Atom 1985-00-00
Postcards From Abroad Caballero Home Video 1991-00-00
Prescription For Passion Vidco Entertainment 1984-00-00
Rambone Does Hollywood Wet Video 1986-00-00
Real Men Eat Keisha VCA 1987-00-00
Rear Busters K-Beech Video K-Beech Video 1988-00-00
Rich And Sassy VCA 1986-00-00
Rocky Porno Video Show 4-Play Video 1986-00-00
Samurai Dick VCA 1984-00-00
Screaming Rage Las Vegas Video 1988-00-00
Screw Erotic Video 1 Metro 1985-00-00
Secret Mistress Vidco Entertainment 1986-00-00
Sex Academy Essex Video 1985-00-00
Sex Droids 4-Play Video 1987-00-00
Sex Maniacs Joy 1987-00-00
Sex Toys Caballero Home Video 1985-00-00
Sexual Pursuit Atom 1985-00-00
Sheets Of San Francisco AVC 1986-00-00
Slave Exchange Bizarre Video 1985-00-00
Sleazy Detective Caballero Home Video 1988-00-00
Star Cuts 109: Kristara Barrington Filmco Releasing 1988-00-00
Star Cuts 1: Kristara Barrington Filmco Releasing 1986-00-00
Star Cuts 26: Kristara Barrington Filmco Releasing 1986-00-00
Stephanie's Outrageous Las Vegas Video 1988-00-00
Stiff Competition Caballero Home Video Caballero Home Video 1984-00-00
Striptease VCA 1985-00-00
Submissive Women Unknown 1989-00-00
Super Chic VCA 1985-00-00
Supergirls Do General Hospital VCA 1984-00-00
Supergirls Do The Navy VCA 1984-00-00
Surfside Sex Atom 1985-00-00
Swedish Erotica 97 Caballero Home Video 2007-00-00
Swinging Shift CDI Home Video 1985-00-00
Taboo 3 Standard Video 1984-00-00
Tail House Rock Western Visuals 1985-00-00
Tailenders VCA 1985-00-00
Taking Off VCA 1984-00-00
Talk Dirty to Me 4 Dreamland Entertainment 1986-00-00
Tasha Gets Fucked Alpha Blue Archives 2007-00-00
Taste Of Kristara Barrington Pink Video 1990-00-00
Taste Of Paradise Filmco Releasing 1985-00-00
Tasty Caballero Home Video 1985-00-00
Tawnee Be Good Las Vegas Video Las Vegas Video 1988-00-00
Tease Me Wet Video 1985-00-00
Teasers 2 Parliament Video 1987-00-00
Teenage Games Filmco Releasing 1985-00-00
Tongue 'n Cheek VCA 1984-00-00
Triple Play Filmco Releasing 1983-00-00
Two Timing Traci Video 2000 1985-00-00
Unnatural Act 1 Dreamland Entertainment 1984-00-00
Untamed VCA 1986-00-00
Up in the Air VCA 1984-00-00
West Coast Girls Unknown 1986-00-00
Wicked Wenches LA Video 1988-00-00
Wicked Whispers Vidco Entertainment 1985-00-00
Wild Orgies Essex Video 1986-00-00
Women's Secret Desires Lipstik Video 1983-00-00
WPINK TV 2 Paradise Visuals 1986-00-00
X-factor Filmco Releasing 1984-00-00
Yankee Seduction Western Visuals 1985-00-00
Year of the Sex Dragon Paradise Visuals 1986-00-00
Yellow Fever LA Video 1984-00-00
Young Nympho Vidco Entertainment 1986-00-00


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